The process of befriending forever…!!

It feels warm to be back to you all, once again.. In fact we never got apart, just the hide and seek of our best friend- Time. ( Perspective you see 😉 ) Distances, separations, memories of times and longing.. all seem to be woven together in an intricate fashion, underneath which lies a fluid backbone of relationships.. Did the word “fluid” just raise your eyebrows?? Let the antithesis continue to unfold itself as we walk together towards a new horizon.. The deepest desire of the human soul is to find another that can mirror its own existence.. one that … Continue reading The process of befriending forever…!!

The Maiden stroke!

An ever increasing sense of freedom… A raging distaste for boredom.. A sudden bend on the track that lay ahead.. Fresh new horizons and clear skies.. That’s how this renewed and refreshed spirit begins a new journey and believes to find respite.   Time has a unbelievable quality. The quality of being fragmented into its composing elements. We call them- Moments. Through the delicate thread of moments this spirit aspires to weave some real good fabric. And then.. Frame the fabric…   Time has another astonishing quality. The quality of perspective. Creative minds will realise time as their closest ally … Continue reading The Maiden stroke!